The Hundredth Member

It’s good to know that my mailing list Yahoo group is growing. I got this letter today:
Hi Dave,
I have just become the 100th member of your webclub, or whatever it is called. This is so exciting! Do I get a free prize? Is this like eating the billionth hamburger at McDonalds? Do I get my picture taken with Angelina Jolie? What about the babes, the free carwash, the big lint brush? Can I get Frequent Flyer miles? What about free baby-sitting, car insurance and extended warranties on eyeglasses and guitar amps? God, I can see this is going to be fun. I’ll try to be patient, but it’s not easy. Wow, I can hardly believe it—I’M NUMBER 100! I’m going to cry!!!!! —Jay Peterson

I don’t use it any more, but it was a good tool while it lasted.