Dakota Dave Hull offers workshops whenever possible. Most last about two hours but anything from about an hour to an all-day intensive is possible. Here's a by no means complete list of the workshops he offers:

The Art of the Arrangement for Acoustic Guitar

This workshop offers something for all levels of player either fingerstylist or flatpicker, or both.

Some of the things that'll be discussed: the melody, harmonization, transposition to other keys and registers, improvisation, soloing, playing nicely with others, backup and bringing it all together.

Students will be asked to bring a guitar and a tune that they can play (anything from Row Row Row Your Boat at the beginning level to, well, anything). Suggestions will be made as to how to expand (or reduce) the piece into an something that can hold the listener's interest.

Next Arrangement Workshop: Feb. 16, 2020 at Fret Central, Minneapolis. 1pm

Right Hand Technique

Most guitarists spend a lot of time thinking about their left hands: chord positions, scales, how to get from one note to another or one chord to another quickly, all the while neglecting the right hand—arguably the more difficult side of guitar playing.

We'll talk about picking technique with both a plectrum and with fingers. Good right hand technique, whether playing with a pick or with three, four or five (Dave generally uses three) fingers helps in playing everything cleaner.

Rhythm guitar with a pick, lead guitar with a pick, and fingerstyle techniques including syncopation, walking bass and melody will also be covered.

Bring a guitar and bring questions!

Drop D Tuning

Many acoustic guitarists use drop D to play in the key of D or D minor—it gives you a couple of extra low notes and a nice low tonic. We'll talk about that some, of course, but we'll also talk about how to use this tuning in other keys: G, G minor, A, A minor, and even some stretches like C, B flat, and E.


Dave is also available for private lessons while he's touring, time permitting. Generally, his interest is in one or two sessions with an intermediate or advanced student dealing with specific issues or trying to get over a hump, looking for new ideas. Whether you play with a flatpick or fingers, this might be for you.