Arabica Studio

arabica studio
Arabica Studio in Minneapolis is a small studio specifically set up to record acoustic instruments. It is owned and managed by Dakota Dave Hull who has over 40 years experience with acoustic instruments and over 25 years experience in recording studios. It is the goal of Arabica Studio to capture the sound and personality of the specific instrument and player, as opposed to the “good acoustic guitar sound” that so many engineers talk about.

Every specific instrument has a specific sound, as does every player, and we want to be able to hear that on tape, just as we would in the living room. We also should take a moment to address the analog vs. digital debate. We’ve worked extensively in both formats and find they both have their good and bad points. We’ve made every attempt to offer, in a sense, the best of both worlds: quality vacuum tube microphones and preamps, a nice sounding room, and, most important of all, our ears.

Dave has produced and/or recorded Spider John Koerner, Eric Peltoniemi, Cam Waters, Cagley, Schaffer, Black & Njoes, Tim Eriksen, The Sugar Kings, Paul Geremia, Hull and Larson, Pop Wagner, Phil Heywood, and, of course, his own solo work, along with many others.

Records Produced by Dakota Dave Hull

  • Martin McHugh · The Master's Choice
  • Adam Kiesling · I Wish I Was a Lizard In the Spring (EP) · Unclouded Day · Arabica CF-15
  • Sue West · Words of a Friend
  • Jack Klatt · Mississippi Roll · Love Me Lonely 
  • Rosalie Sorrels · Strangers in Another Country · Red House RHR 214
  • Lonnie Knight · I Wrote My Name On You · Mosquito Shoals MS62005 · Better Days · Mosquito Shoals MSCD291997
  • Sherry Minnick · Look Ma, No Hands
  • Pop Wagner · Cinchin' Saddles and Pullin' Bridle Reins · Spark of Life
  • Tim Eriksen · Every Sound Below · Appleseed APR CD 1080
  • Phil Heywood · Banks of the River · Arabica CF-09 · You Got to Move · Arabica CF-13
  • Cam Waters · Central Standard · Arabica CF-08 · Shoetown · Arabica CF-02
  • Cagley, Black, Schaefer and Njoes · Friends In Music · Copper Creek CCCD0210
  • The Sugar Kings · Take Your Time Mr. Brown · Arabica CF-06
  • Eric Peltoniemi · Songs o' Sad Laughter · Aalto ARC CD 001
  • Spider John Koerner · Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Been · Red House Records RHR CD 12