September 2006 News

Well, I’m just back from a couple of tours that took me to gigs in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia and Maryland and then to parts of Canada. I had a great time and met a lot of wonderful people. It was a busy time and a lot of driving but that’s what I do. Drive. If I’m good they let me play the guitar in the evenings.

I have a little time at home so I’ll be doing some recording and then getting ready to head out again for my annual Autumnal tour of the Northeast. At this point it looks like I’ll be doing gigs in New York State, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Quebec and, hopefully, Ontario. I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends in these places and making some new ones.

Peter Lang, Charlie Parr and I did a couple of gigs together in Madison and Rockford in between my other two trips. Peter, David Alderson (of Zephyr Acoustic Productions) and I drove down together and met up with Charlie. We had a great time. I’m sure I’ll be splitting some more gigs with Charlie as time goes on, and I have one coming up with Peter in Lansing next month, so if you’re out that way please check it out. We’ll be at the Ten Pound Fiddle.

I spent a few days in Winnipeg and had the chance to hang out with my friends at the Walnut Street Music Company. They’ve been booking some of my shows and proved to be excellent hosts, to boot. It was a lot of fun to hang out with Mitch, Eva, Nolan and Tim. We had a great time and the stay ended too soon. I hope I can get back up that way often.

Charlie Hoffman finished the second piccolo guitar just before I left on the first leg of the trip so I got to break in a new guitar. By the time I got home I was in love. I thought it might be a tough choice because I can only keep one, but the new one wins. It’s simply great and a joy to play. Charlie just keeps getting better. Older, too.

Speaking of guitars, the baritone National just keeps getting better and better. I’ve finally figured out the best way to string it (these things take time and experimentation) and what it’s best at. I suspect that the live album (if I ever finish it) will have some tunes I’ve recorded before redone on the baritone. It sounds like a pipe organ. I’m a lucky guy.