Errata for Ragtime Guitar Book

ragtime guitar by dakota dave hullSomething always happens while putting these things together. A couple of people I wanted to thank were inadvertently bumped from my intro during one of the revisions. Who knows how it happened? A failed copy-paste is my guess. At any rate, the two guys I missed were Jeff Molde and John Ganapes.

Jeff has been bugging me to do a book for so long he thinks it was his idea. He is the owner of one of the coolest guitar stores in the world—the Podium, in Dinkytown, Minneapolis. Check it out at

John is the author of the “Blues You Can Use” books ( and was kind enough to spend a few hours going over my work and advising me.

A big thank you to both of these guys for the help, and my deepest apologies for not getting it into the print version.