A New Guitar from National

I think I might have mentioned that I got a new guitar from National late last year. It’s basically an M-2 baritone with a few custom features—no fingerboard inlay (athough it has side dots), a solid peghead with the coolest inlay I’ve ever seen on a guitar (MacGregor Gaines is a world-class artist; you heard it here), a custom neck profile that feels a lot like my Gibson Jumbo, and an unusual mandolin-like cover plate that they only made a couple of for guitars. The thing simply roars—it’s the loudest guitar I own, even louder than my ’29 Triolian. You can hear it on Artists in Resonance Volume II available from National Resophonic. I flatpicked a duet with myself on that album using the baritone and my Style 1 tricone.

Coffee Cup National Guitar