Hull & Larson: Moonbeams
Moonbeams · Dakota Dave Hull & Kari Larson
November, 1999 · Arabica Records #CF-04



Dakota Dave Hull: guitar, ukulele, taro patch
Kari Larson: guitar, tenor guitar, mandolin, ukulele

“Dakota Dave Hull and Kari Larson obviously like mixing instrumental textures as well as musical traditions—try a cute-as-a-bug “Mr. Sandman” for two ukuleles, sandwiched between the novelty number “Goofus” and the venerable “Rights of Man” for National steel guitars, or a mandolin/uke arrangement of the Irish-American “Three Pony Bit” medley. The original Hull and Larson sound shows up on the hard-swinging archtops of “Windchill”; the guitar and mandolin interplay of Scott Joplin’s “The Chrysanthemum” and the driving breakdown “Clark’s Ride”; and the sweet, melancholy six-string and tenor guitars of “You Don’t Know Me.” Hull’s classic rag “The Second Chance” and Larson’s reflective “Halfway There” demonstrate hot solo chops. (Arabica)” –Russell Letson, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

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  1. Goofus
  2. Mr. Sandman
  3. Jubilo
  4. The Rights of Man
  5. Windchill
  6. Sweet Thursday
  7. The Second Chance
  8. Duck River
  9. Moonbeams
  10. The Chrysanthemum
  11. Three Pony Bit
  12. Half Way There
  13. Clark’s Ride
  14. You Don’t Know Me
  15. Paulistana No. 1