Double Cappuccino

Hull & Larson: double cappucino
Double Cappuccino · Dakota Dave Hull & Kari Larson
© Arabica Records #CF-03



Dakota Dave Hull: guitar
Kari Larson: guitar, tenor guitar, mandolin

“Archtop guitars feature prominently in this first collaboration between Dakota Dave Hull (guitar) and Kari Larson (mandolin, guitar, tenor guitar). Their material includes Tin Pan Alley standards (“Blue Moon”), bluegrass-festival chestnuts (“Over the Waterfall”), world music (“Rhythmes Gitanes,” “Lord Inchiquin”), and three sprightly originals (“Double Cappuccino,” “Pretty Little Tune,” and “Ghost Story”). The smart arrangements and classy playing evoke classic duets by Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson or Carl Kress and Dick McDonough, and the live and clean recording lets you hear the instruments in loving detail.” – Russell Letson, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

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  1. Double Cappuccino
  2. A Bruxa
  3. Blue Moon
  4. Saint Paul Revival
  5. Ghost Story
  6. Pretty Little Thing
  7. Santa Morena
  8. Erin’s Waltz
  9. Rhythmes Gitanes
  10. Over the Waterfall
  11. Solace
  12. Lord Inchiquin & Vesper
  13. First Snow