Better Late Than Never

Better Late than Never by Dakota Dave Hull
© Ⓟ 2023 · Arabica Records CF-32


Dakota Dave Hull, guitar-banjo

  1. Lucky Dog Bounce 2:39
  2. Birds Hill Rag 4:48
  3. A Long, Long Winter 3:40
  4. Big Bad Bill is Sweet William Now 3:29
  5. Hobo’s Lullaby 3:09
  6. Blue Ridge Blues 2:56
  7. Cataract Stumble 3:41
  8. McElderry’s Rag 4:27
  9. Over in the Gloryland 2:47
  10. Kid Shirt 5:18
  11. Oh, Didn’t He Ramble 2:46
  12. The Crooked Star 3:57
  13. Ringer’s Slow Drag 6:18
  14. Jetlag 2:53
  15. Douglas’ Lament 2:04

The Classic American Guitar-Banjo

Popularized in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the 6-string guitar banjo has always defied genre classification. It’s been used in jazz, ragtime, blues, country, and pop. The banjo guitar’s whirlwind of sound and pluck sets it aside from any other banjo. Here, in the most comprehensive collection of solo guitar banjo in modern history, Dakota Dave Hull brilliantly highlights the 6-string banjo’s tone, an element particularly treasured by the the luthiers who marketed the instrument in its time. Without saying a word, Dave directs his distinctive finger-picking and compositional chops to this peculiar instrument amalgamation. Prepare to be amazed.

—Dom Flemons
The American Songster

These compositions and arrangements showcase all of the Dakota Dave Hull qualities that I love—every detail perfectly placed and executed, every nuance thoughtfully considered—but expressed through a whole new set of beautiful voices. A finer and more musical tribute to this uniquely American marriage of instruments I can scarcely imagine.

—Adam Hurt


Produced by Dakota Dave Hull
Notes by Henry H. Sapoznik
Photos by Dale B. Hanson
Recorded and edited at
Arabica Studio, Minneapolis
Mixed and mastered by Steve Wiese and Dave Hull at Creation Audio, Minneapolis
Layout by Eric Peltoniemi & Dave Hull
Dave endorses Dogwood Banjos, Hoffman Guitars, National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Fairbanks Guitars, New Era Guitars, Brentrup Guitars, Martin Guitars, John Pearse Strings, Shubb Capos, St. Paul Guitar Repair, & Karura Cases