Dakota Dave Hull -photo by Larry Marcus

“Hull is something of a guitar god in his native midwest, where he's been dazzling audiences for over 30 years with his lush finger-picking and quicksilver flat-picking. He is also a sly raconteur with an encyclopedic knowledge of vintage American music.” -Scott Alarik, Boston Globe

“There's a million good things I could say about Dave Hull but I'll narrow it down to two: He's an excellent picker, both flatpick and fingerstyle, he collects some fine instruments, and we've been at a lot of good places to eat together.” -Norman Blake

“One of the best guitarists in the world.” -Dave Van Ronk

“Dakota Dave brings a modesty and tenderness to the old classics he plays - qualities that are rare among guitarists of his stature and experience.” -Sarah Craig, Manager, Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY

“Hey Dave, thanks for sending me your Loyalty Waltz album. I just put it on to use as background music for something I was reading. Damn you, I never read a thing. Listened to the whole album straight through. Nice album, my good man. Keep on.” -Geoff Muldaur

“Dakota Dave Hull gave an outstanding performance in Sligo, Ireland. Unknown in Ireland he quickly had the audience enthralled with some beautiful compositions and several stunning arrangements of old classic tunes. An engaging storyteller he entertained and astounded in equal measure. A Beautiful night” -Aoife Flynn, General Manager, The Model / Niland, The Mall, Sligo, Ireland

“Dakota Dave Hull wears many hats: KFAI Radio DJ. Record-company founder. CD producer. Hawaiian-shirt and vintage-guitar collector. Yet he's best as a purveyor of old-school Americana on acoustic guitar. Catholic in his tastes, he dips fruitfully into early jazz and blues, Tin Pan Alley, ragtime, country, Stephen Foster, Duke Ellington and even Harry Belafonte. -Tom Surowicz, Twin Cities StarTribune

“A masterful flat-picker and increasingly out-of-the-closet fingerstyle player, Hull is not only a magician on the strings, his distinctive arrangements of the vintage material he loves manage to be wry, spry, maybe even fly... his interpretations always find a fresh angle on well-traveled material. ” -Rick Mason, City Pages, Minneapolis

New CD!

Better Late Than Never

The Classic American Guitar -Banjo

Popularized in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the 6-string guitar banjo has always defied genre classification. It’s been used in jazz, ragtime, blues, country, and pop. The banjo guitar’s whirlwind of sound and pluck sets it aside from any other banjo.  Here, in the most comprehensive collection of solo guitar banjo in modern history, Dakota Dave Hull brilliantly highlights the 6-string banjo’s tone, an element particularly treasured by the the luthiers who marketed the instrument in its time. Without saying a word, Dave directs his distinctive finger-picking and compositional chops to this peculiar instrument amalgamation. Prepare to be amazed. —Dom Flemons, The American Songster